How to Marinade Foods Quickly Using Vacuum Sealers

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While preserving foods is the prime raison d’état of the food sealer, the process it uses to keep foods fresh is known to be able to spread liquids among foods and increase absorption rates as well. Interestingly, this process of absorption and the resultant diffusion of flavours and tenderization is what the goal of the process of marinating is. Indeed, mention may have been found in foodsaver reviews of the ability of these products to marinade foods quickly. However, the process requires adequate patience and precaution and for this reason, we’ve detailed it below –

Prepare the Meat/Vegetables and Sauce

One of the key points to keep in mind when preparing foods for marinating is to maintain thinness. Thick foods take a lot of time to absorb juices and sauces and this may leave the core of the foods dry and tasteless. Further, it is ideal to cut up the foods into small slices and use multiple food sealer bags to hold the pieces.

Once the food is ready to be marinated, prepare the sauce or pour it out from the container if you had prepared it earlier/purchased from a store.

Placing the Foods and Sealing

As would be obvious form the foodsaver reviews, the foods need to be of such size as to keep a one inch gap between the mouth of the sealer bag and the tip of the foodstuff. Place one or more pieces of the foods into each food seal bag. Now hold the bag in a tilted position and pour out the sauce or juice.

While pouring the juice, take care that the juice does not spill onto the sides as this may hinder the marinating process. Once a sufficient amount of juice has been poured into the bag, hold the bag in a neutral position to see if the sauce is causing the bag to swell up. While it may seem that more sauce would lead to quicker marinating, the truth is that excess sauce can interfere with the vacuum sealer when it seals the bag. Empty out all but the bare minimum sauce needed to cover the entire food surface. Maintain the one inch gap between food and sauce and the tip of the container. Stir or shake each container in a manner that lets the ingredients mix up.

Once this is done, take one of the excellent units covered in the foodsaver reviews and seal the bag. Proceed in this manner till all the bags are sealed.


Put the pouches in the refrigerator and keep them at normal refrigeration temperature for about 1-2 hours. During this phase, the marinating process will occur at a much faster rate due to the vacuum sealing involved, than what it would have if the ingredients had been placed in a normal container.

Once the stipulated time is up, remove the bags and break open the seals to take out the marinated contents. Use them immediately or store them away for later use.

As the above guide shows, the process by which products vacuum sealed using units belonging to our foodsaver reviews list are marinated is one that requires care and patience. If carried out carefully, it can save a lot of time while providing marinated food of a quality commensurate with those achieved after hours of normal marinating.