Some mistakes users can make on the elliptical trainer


Of course, everyone can get great value of their money when purchasing an elliptical trainer for their home. With this device, they can improve their fitness and also get a sturdy body. However, sometimes, they may make some mistakes that reduce efficiency of the workout. Below are the typical ones and how to fix them.

Do not enter information

Many people just simply go on the elliptical and do their workout until they feel tired. Nevertheless, to maximize the efficiency of the workout, they had better let the machine set up a program which is suitable to their body as well as their health. Hence, don’t forget to provide your stats to the trainer to find the suitable program. In addition, you could also set your own goals on the machine.

Do not work the upper half

Do not forget to incorporate the handles of the elliptical to work your upper body. Move your arms and legs at the same time will be the best way to balance the muscles on two halves of your body. Furthermore, you can apply intervals (focusing on your arms in a minutes, then turning to focus on your legs in 4 minutes, then repeat through your workout) to get the best result.

Zero resistance

Without resistance, the users can feel like they are capable of stepping a mile within only a minute. However, it is obviously that they can not get the best result of the workout. Therefore, everytime you feel your exercise is not challenged enough, remember to increase the level of resistance to extend your amount of energy when pushing and pulling through the stride. Afterwards, continue to train at a moderate pace until you think that it is enough for that day.


Some research shows that if you lean on the armrests of an elliptical trainer instead of grabbing them while gyming, the amount of calorie burned will reduce. On the other hand, standing up straight would make your abs longer, thus can help you to engage your core as well as work your upper body muscles. Besides, to increase the number of muscles engaged and to blast more fat, you can hop on the machine with an upper body component.

Do not change directions

Do not stay in a fixed posture because it can just impact on several particular parts of your body. Going forward will emphasis your quads while moving backward can make your hamstrings and gluteis work harder. Additionally, sit back slightly and keep you knees at an angle of 90 degrees could max out the effect. In short, let’s combine all of them in your workout sessions. Besides, sit on your heels is much better than putting too much pressure on your toes.

Hope that all above advices would help you to maximize the effectiveness of your elliptical machine. If you have not possess a trainer yet and be confused on which model is the most suitable to your household, don’t hesitate to have a look at our elliptical machine reviews for reference and get the best home elliptical right today to make your life healthy!